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The beam generated by the laser machine is focused on to the surface of the plate material being cut by means of a glass lens. Once through the lens the focused laser beam heats the material and pierces the surface with a very local melt capillary is quickly established through the thickness of the material.


The majority of CO2 laser cutting uses an assist gas. The reason an assist gas is required in the laser cutting process is so that the molten material is forced away from the base of the material by a jet of gas coaxial with the laser beam. Nitrogen gas is used predominantly in the laser cutting of Stainless steels as an assist gas. Using Nitrogen gas while laser cutting stainless steel prevents oxidisation on the cut edge of the material. The reduction of the oxidisation eliminates secondary processing prior to welding.


The cut is generated by using linear drives which move the focused laser beam across the surface of the stationary material.





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